Ductile iron fittings for pressurised plastic pipes

IZIFIT is a comprehensive ductile iron fittings solution for all types of plastic pipelines used in the distribution of drinking water and is the cornerstone of all PVC networks.

For good mechanical resistance, ductile iron fittings have to be used with all plastic tubes made of PE (Polyethylene), PVC­U (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride), and PVC­BO (Biaxially Oriented Polyvinyl Chloride).  

The versatile fittings include bends, tees, flange spigots, flange sockets, tapers, stoppers, semi­sliding collars, and anchoring sleeves used to connect two plastic networks. Addressing several applications and markets, IZIFIT can also be used to connect two different networks, for example, one in BLUTOP ductile iron and another in plastic (PE).


Easy installation: as a unique technology developed and patented by Saint-Gobain PAM, the IZIFIT solution accelerates and simplifies the installation of joints while guaranteeing watertightness. With pre-fitted gaskets and handles for carrying, the fittings and gate valves are ready to be installed and can be easily assembled by hand or simple leverage without any tightening.

Resistance: the IZIFIT range offers the possibility of anchoring the pipe or not (watertight joint or anchoring joint). The fittings offer resistance, durability and flexibility as demonstrated by their pressure resistance of up to PFA 16 bar (depending on the plastics used). Their blue epoxy coating and inserts in stainless steel and EPDM quality elastomer further ensure excellent resistance to the test of time.

Stability: the angular deflection supported by IZIFIT fittings is 6°, regardless of the joint used. The axial withdrawal tolerated by the joints means the pipeline can accommodate ground movement.

High standards: the joints are designed and tested according to rigorous methods and standards (NF T 54­948-2010 for PVC­BO and EN 12842­2012 for PE and PVC­U), while our company-specific tests provide unrivalled reliability.

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  • IZIFIT automatic fitting - PVC PE, PVC-Bio pipelines
  • IZIFIT automatic fitting - PVC PE, PVC-Bio pipelines

Supply, Treatment and Distribution

Ductile iron pipe solutions for the complete water cycle  

We supply our PAM ductile iron pipelines throughout the world, allowing water to be transported from its source to treatment plants and places of consumption. Our solutions address water whether it is potable, raw, waste or recycled, and cover the entire water transport cycle, from its gravity supply, surface and ground water filtration and seawater desalination, treatment and storage, and distribution to consumers and industry.

As investment in renewing water supply infrastructure is declining in relative terms, there is increasing demand on pipeline service longevity. Our ductile iron pipes, fittings, valves and accessories are anti-ageing and have earned a first-class reputation for both leak tightness and pressure resistance.  

We are involved in both the preservation of the quality and quantity of water as a resource and its distribution in all situations, where there may be  mechanical stresses, pressure surges, or environmental constraints among other challenges.

For the supply of water alone, we have 10,000 items of pipes, fittings and joint compounds to cope with every possible situation and to withstand all hazards associated with their transport, handling, installation and operation.

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Ductile iron pipe solutions for the entire water transport cycle