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PAM pipes layed for the first time in South-Sudan

6,5 km of Natural DN 350 pipes and 10t of accessories have been installed in Juba, capital of South-Sudan. This project was supervised and funded by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

In fact, since 2013 a civil war raged in the country, which at the same time facing major challenges such as desert locust invasions, water stress, border problems and armed conflicts.
In this unstable context, it is therefore difficult to develop priority infrastructures such as access to water, sewerage, road construction or even electric networks. This is why the ICRC overseeing a part of this infrastructure work in this time of health crisis.

Juba WS project serves to bring drinking water to the capital of the country where more than a half millions of South-Sudanese live. Saint-Gobain PAM technologies will allow to perpetuate their new water network and reduce the water access time for a lot of Juba inhabitants already hard hit by the complicated situation of their country.

Team in charge of Juba project have been very involved throughout its realization. Indeed, PAM, with the invaluable help of Bruno Fidry, provided on-site installation training with the local installation company AB HARAMBE Construction Ltd. It was a first for a PAM employee to travel to South Sudan! This was achievable with the approval of the Safety Director of the Saint-Gobain Group, and also the establishment of on-site safety supervision by the Red Cross. Laurence Emond, for her part, helped with all commercial and logistical follow-up.

This involvement at all levels has therefore contributed to the success of this essential project for the South Sudanese who have been living in a delicate situation for several years.

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NATURAL Ductile iron Pipe
Juba WS Project - Laying of Natural Ductile Iron Pipes
Juba WS Project in South-Sudan
Juba WS Project - Natural Ductile Iron Pipes
NATURAL Ductile iron Pipe
Juba WS Project - Laying of Natural Ductile Iron Pipes

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