Manhole cover PAMREX 600 - D400 class - Installation of the manhole cover with apparent frame

Manhole cover PAMREX 600 - D400 class - Installation of the manhole cover with apparent frame

Municipal Castings
D400 mini/Grp 4

The square form of the frame (850 x 850 mm) and his particular ribbing require an installation on a flat surface(a very simple flagstone is perfect).

The round form  880 of the concrete manhole tops isn’t appropriate.

For this type of frame, the bedding must ensure a compression strength at least equal to 10 Mpa at the time of back in circulation. The bedding material and the time of catch will be selected in consequence.

Recommendations of installation on flat flagstone:

  • 1- Installation of the flasgtone about 18 cm below finished level of the roadway.
  • 2- Installation of the bedding material on a square surface superior at 850 x 850 mm and a height of 5 cm about.
  • 3- Installation and upgrade of the frame by driving in the bedding material.
  • 4- Interior finishing of the bedding (see photography below).
  • 5- Installation of paving stones on a sand coat with spaces minimum between paving stones and paving stones / frame. Before compaction the paving stones exceed 1cm above finished level, respect the realized motives according to the street slope, to the circulation and intersections, the installation of paving stones is done exclusively against the edges of the frame (without taking account of the slots).
  • 6- Filing (filling of spaces between paving stones and slots under the frame with sand pulled by water), very important operation which conditions the good behaviour of the unit.
  • 7- Ramming and descent of the paving stones to the level of the frame while continuing the filing.
  • 8- To insert again a few days afterwards in the event of the intense traffic.

Finishing of bedding and view on the cleansing box under hinge (coming from foundry) not requiring a special precaution.

Example of paving stones implementation