NATURAL BioZinalium® PUR Pipe STD Ve joint DN1100-1200

NATURAL BioZinalium® PUR Pipe STD Ve joint DN1100-1200

Socket Pipes STANDARD with Weld Bead
Int - Polyurethane coating
Ext - ®BioZINALIUM + layer of blue acrylic
Main features
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  • DN: nominal diameter
  • Lu: laying length, in m
  • Class: pressure class according to EN 545 and ISO 2531
  • e: nominal thickness according to ISO 2531, in mm
  • ØDE: external nominal diameter of the barrel according to EN 545 and ISO 2531, in mm
  • ØDI: internal nominal diameter of the socket, in mm
  • P: nominal depth of the socket, in mm
  • ØB: nominal diameter of the socket, in mm
  • c: weld bead position, in mm
  • Mass: total mass per metre (including polyurethane coating and socket), determined with the nominal thickness, in kg/m
  • Reference: commercial reference Saint-Gobain PAM

Main characteristics:

  • Pressure class in conformity with Standard EN 545-2010 and ISO 2531-2009
  • External BioZinalium® coating consists of two layers: - a layer of zinc-aluminium 85/15 alloy, enriched with copper, with a minimum surface density of 400g/m²), applied by spraying molten metal onto the surface of the iron, using an electric arc spray gun, from ZnAl (Cu) alloy wire - a protective layer of Aquacoat (semi-permeable), a water-based blue acrylic of average thickness 80 microns applied using a spray gun
  • Internal coating: 800 microns mini thick layer of sand-coloured polyurethane
  • Standard joint in alimentary elastomer EPDM (ACS, KTW, WRAS,…)

Field of use:

  • Aggressive or soft waters

Type of soils:

BioZinalium® coating can be in contact with all type of soil, as defined in Annex D.2.2 of EN545:2010, except:

  • peaty and acid soils
  • soils containing wastes, scraps, ashes, slags or soils contaminated by industrial effluents or other wastes
  • soils located under the level of the marine water table with a resistivity lower than 500 Ω cm

In such soils, and also in the event of stray currents, it is recommended to use other types of external coatings for more aggressive soils (TT PE or TT PUX ranges).

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