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Needle Valves

Valves and hydrants

Modulating water flow rate and pressure

The main characteristic of a needle valve is the capacity to modulate water flow rate and elevated differential pressures. The needle valve is able to do a linear manoeuvere also in a presence of relevant partialisation degree although high inlet pressure and big exercise difference of pressure. The needle valve controls the water flow rate through the axial movement of a shutter operated by a connecting rod and crank mechanism.

Product features and benefits

  • Efficiency: the inlet flow rate is channeled into a round section passage which gradually decreases and then increases from the intake to the sealing seat. The internal profile of the valve is designed to optimise the hydrodynamic profile in order to:

- Have low head losses with the valve completely open; and

- Minimize cavitation phenomena for important differences between inlet and outlet pressures of the valves.

In this case, the valve can be equipped with a special stainless steel cylinder for hydraulic loads dissipation.

  • Electric command: the valve is equipped with a manual command but also has the possibility to be actuated by an electrical device. It allows the valve to be used in combination with a control system to deliver multiple functions. Electric actuators feature a position indicator and a manual emergency handwheel.


modulate water flow rate, needle valve
Manual version
needle valve, electric actuator
Motorized version

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