Other channel gratings & Odor-tight inlets P.A.G

Municipal castings

Other gratings for gullies and P.A.G sanitary gully holes

Sanitary gully holes, placed in manholes topped by all types of gratings, act as check valves and prevent odours from rising from run-off rainwater. They are suitable for manholes with interior dimensions of 500 and 700 mm.
Available products
  • Sanitary gully holes
  • Gratings 500 x 124
  • Frames for gratings 500 x 124
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  • Odor-tight inlet
  • Odor-tight inlet

Gratings - Curbside Collection

Curbside Collection

A broad range of gratings for rainwater collection
Due to the diversity of situations encountered, specific drainage methods are needed in order to optimise the collection of run-off rainwater. Saint-Gobain PAM offers a broad range of products to suit every situation.
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