PAM Seminar in Abidjan, October 13th, 2022


PAM Seminar in Abidjan, October 13th 2022

In mid-October, PAMEX organized a technical seminar in Abidjan to strengthen the promotion of our ductile iron pipe ranges in Côte d'Ivoire and to update local decision-makers on our specifications and technical innovations.
This seminar, which was held at the Hotel Ivoire, was inaugurated by His Excellency, Mr. Bouaké Fofana, Minister of Water, Sanitation and Health, Mr. Ibrahiman Berthé, General Manager of the National Office of Drinking Water (ONEP) and Mr. Daniel Gallissaires, Head of the Regional Economic Service of the French Embassy. 
With about fifty participants, contracting authorities, engineering firms specialized in hydraulics and local companies, the presentations and exchanges have highlighted the technical advantages of PAM pipe solutions, in terms of durability, reliability, and operational advantages from the point of view of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

It is clear that Saint-Gobain PAM Pipes remains an undisputed reference, and that the quality of the networks is an essential concern of our customers. Numerous projects are planned in Côte d'Ivoire for the coming years and their award for SGPAM Canalisation will be the most beautiful reward!

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