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Municipal castings


Manhole covers with high performance in leak tightness - Class D400

The PAMETANCHE range of manhole covers has been designed for areas at risk of increased loads due to high water levels, flooding or other incidents.


  • Ease of installation: the optimised weight of the manhole cover, its simple opening and the sealed handling box facilitate installation.
  • Resistance: these manhole covers guarantee high performance in terms of leak tightness and resist pressure surges in the network of up to one bar.
  • Security: the manhole cover can be entirely anchored, is installed on networks that are rarely visited, and therefore represents an anti-intrusion solution.

Available products

  • PAMETANCHE - round frame, unventilated


Acces covers and gratings


PAMTIGHT in location
PAMTIGHT in location
PAMTIGHT cover - high performance sealing
PAMTIGHT cover - high performance sealing


PAM access covers endurance test (carrousel)
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