Municipal castings


Surface box units designed for street level after road maintenance

Designed to be brought up to street level after road maintenance by a simple "unscrewing" intervention, PAVA surface box units have an integrated extension and screw-nut threading on the base inside the body. This range is available in round, square, rectangular or hexagonal formats.


  • Security: self-locking system to avoid the cover being removed by a street-cleaning vehicle or act of vandalism.
  • Stability: large bearing surface for better stability and reduced subsidence risks.
  • High performance: small side wings at the surface box body's base to prevent rotation during extension manoeuveres.


Available products

  • PAVA 10
  • PAVA 14
  • PAVA 19
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  • PAVA surface box unit 10 and 14
  • PAVA surface box unit 10 and 14

Surface Boxes

Surface box unit products, related to valves, make it possible to actuate a service connection or a gate valve. They have different shapes depending on what device they are operating. We offer four distinct PAM ranges that meet specific requirements.

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