For the gravity drainage of rainwater

The PLUVIAL pipeline system in ductile cast iron is specially designed for the gravity drainage of rain effluent. The PLUVIAL range is composed of pipes of six, seven or eight metres in length and between 350 to 2000 mm in diameter, along with fittings and accessories.


Cost savings: by eliminating the need for removing excavated earth from work sites and bringing new materials onto it. The use of ‘natural’ soil as backfill as well as reduced trench widths means quarrying and lorry journeys can be limited.

Resistance: the internal coating is composed of high alumina cement, wich is highly resistant to wear and high temperatures, as well as chemicals.

Durability: the external coating of PLUVIAL pipes is composed of zinc with a pore sealer in fluorescent green epoxy on the socket and a black epoxy resin varnish on the barrel. This combination makes these pipes non-porous and impermeable.


Pluvial - Saint-Gobain PAM - pipeline

Stability: PLUVIAL pipeline systems, thanks to STANDARD push-in joints in Nitrile, guarantee against ground movement and root infestation.

Self-maintenance: unlike concrete frameworks, which are square or rectangular in shape, the pipes are cylindrical and therefore self-cleaning.

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Waste and Rainwater

Adaptable sewerage solutions

Saint-Gobain PAM has a complete range of sewerage solutions, which can be adapted to different fluids and distribution networks according to:

  • Waste and rainwater where the tight junctions can prevent parasitic water in the network; or a
  • Separate sewer system, which is under pressure (backflow) or gravity flow.
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