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PUR Range

Transport of soft or aggressive water

PUR pipelines have a polyurethane internal protective lining that is better suited to very soft and/or aggressive water than the traditional cement mortar coating. The range of application of cement coatings is specified in Annex E of standard EN 545.

PUR pipes are also suitable for the transport of raw water or water with a chemical analysis that does not vary between the pipeline’s entrance and exit points, such as water for bottling.

The fittings associated with the pipes in the NATURAL or CLASSIC PUR ranges have internal and external coatings of epoxy powder.

Available products

In order to offer comprehensive solutions, PUR pipelines can be combined with other ranges according to their diameters:

  • Diameters of 80 to 1000 mm: the NATURAL PUR range
  • Diameters of 700 to 2000 mm: the CLASSIC PUR range

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