Chantier Irrigal


Discover our ranges grouped by domains (Water, Sewerage)...


The long-lasting coating made of a layer of Zinc-Aluminum alloy enriched with Copper and a protective Aquacoat layer.
A combination of scientific innovations specific to water distribution pipe systems.
The ductile iron pipe for large aqueducts of water mains

A complete solution for above-ground networks

The perfect ductile iron pipe for robust and flexible water distribution networks in all situations.
The traditional qualities of cast iron pipes at the service of irrigation
Pre-insulated pipes for frost and temperature protection
Ductile iron fittings for pressurised plastic pipelines
The reference ductile iron pipe for water distribution networks
Transport of soft or aggressive water
Ductile iron pipes for highly aggressive soils
The Zinc Aluminum coating


For gravity sewerage
For gravity flow and rising main sewerage systems
Pre-insulated pipes for frost and temperature protection
For the gravity drainage of rainwater
Ductile iron pipes for highly aggressive soils
For sewage discharge from small diameters pipes


A complete solution for above-ground networks

Pre-insulated pipes for frost and temperature protection

Technical solutions

Networks for snowmaking machines
Trenchless pipe laying techniques
A ductile iron fitting that can withstand unforeseen geotechnical events
The excellence of ductile cast iron at the service of hydropower

Municipal castings

Square manhole covers ensuring silence and comfort
Gratings for very high traffic loads
Ad hoc collection of gully grates for all types of roadway, parking area and curbside traffic
For extending TOTALE MAXI surface box units
Manhole covers for traffic lanes of roads in residential or commercial areas
An innovative system of connected access covers for underground networks

Learn about KORUM, the D400 roadway manhole cover for periodical inspections and heavy traffic.

Manhole covers for the very frequent opening of networks
Access covers for industry and ports
Grating version of PAMREX manhole covers
The absolute reference in manhole covers for durability in intense conditions
Manhole covers with high performance in leak tightness
Manhole covers meeting new requirements for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
Surface box units designed for street level after road maintenance
Manhole covers for car parks, gullies, roadsides and pedestrian walkways
An effective solution to network drainage and operating problems
Ad hoc collection of gully grates for use by people with disabilities
Telecom networks T-MAX i D400, i C250, and optimized C250 or B125
Surface box units for pavements and roadways
For extending TOTALE surface box units post-repair
Gratings that ensures optimum safety under traffic loads
The E600 and F900 classes of manhole covers for all types of traffic in all areas.

Valves and hydrants

Sleek and streamlined pillar fire hydrants
The customisable pillar fire hydrant
Pillar fire hydrants born of elegant urban design
EURO 20 gate valve for comfortable handling and maximum safety
EUROSTOP flanged ductile iron butterfly valve isolating device
Everyday pillar fire hydrants
Adaptable LUG butterfly valve range for all types of fluids and constraints
Modulating water flow rate and pressure
Ductile iron butterfly valves suitable for low pressure systems and all types of fluids