RepLINK - Stainless steel repair clamp

Repair clamp (single

Repair clamp (single

Repair clamp (double

Repair clamp (triple

RepLINK - Stainless steel repair clamp

Repair clamp
Main features

Field of use

The multi bolts repair clamps are part of the pipelines repair range of PAM NEXUS.

The repair clamps are used for the repair of localized breakages or circumferential breakages on pipelines of every kind of material for drinkable water service.

The longitudinal breakages haven’t to be exceeded the 35% of the totally width of the clamp while the circumferential breakages haven’t to be, as maximum distance from the braked extremity, upper than 10mm.

Dimensions and mass

Repair clamp (single band)

Repair clamp (single band)

Repair clamp (double band)

Repair clamp (triple band)

Exercise conditions

Concerning the exercise conditions of the clamps, here follow the diagram with the working pressure and the external diameter of the pipeline.

Curve 1: value of the test pressure carried out on the pipeline with longitudinal breakage equal to the 35% of the repair clamp belt’s width;

Curve 2: value of the test pressure carried out on the pipeline with circumferential breakage

Note: the pressure values indicated in the diagram are guaranteed for all the clamps installed on the pipeline with roughness similar to the ductile cast iron pipes usually on sale.

Applicable Standard


All products of NEXUS range are manufactured and tested in a factory in compliance with ISO EN9001 and ISO 14000.

Coating tests: thickness test, holiday test, impact test, MIBK test.

Conformity to Standards

Suitability with potable water in accordance with:

  • D.M. 174/ (ex C.M.S. 102 del 2/12/78);
  • Foreign regulations: KTW, ACS, WRAS.

Installation instructions


Repair clamps have to be stored in covered places, protected from the sun, rain and all other atmospheric agents. Moreover it has to be avoided that the seal of the same valves comes in contact with dust and dirt.


The bolt in the middle, with more length respect to the others, allows an easy mounting of the clamp on the pipeline to be repaired.

Operations to be made during installation:

1. Clean the part of the pipe to be repaired;

2. Put the repair clamp on the cut or the hole;

3. Ensure that the tapered limb of the gasket is not folded on itself in any point, and that it is well extended on the pipe to be repaired;

Note: we recommend greasing the tapered limb with soapy water, grease or Vaseline.

4. Put the opposite terminal of the clamp on the tapered limb;

5. Insert the bolts in their respective position to tighten them manually;

6. Rotate the repair clamp in the direction indicated by the arrow printed on the label (necessary operation for the definitive correct extension of the tapered limb) making sure that the damaged section of the pipe remains under the section of vulcanized plate in the gasket;

7. Tighten the screws uniformly and gradually so that the two stainless steel clamps come together during the tightening, always parallel to each other according to the recommended tightening torque.

Note: during this operation make sure that the vulcanized part of the gasket does not strain in order not to compromise the seal.