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Innovation at the heart of water supply

From its creation to present day, what has set Saint-Gobain PAM apart is its capacity to create products that respect and contribute to the quality of water as a precious resource.

Historically, Saint-Gobain PAM has built its strategy around technological innovation, such as centrifugation, ductile cast iron, and special coatings, along with strong internationalisation.

Today, some 150 engineers and university partners are dedicated to innovation and industrial excellence, in 550 patents, registered worldwide.
The willingness to innovate is the driving force to provide products that are adapted to changing markets.

Each year between 30 to 40% of our turnover is realised thanks to the sales of new products, which were commercialised during the previous five years.

Research and development

PAM’s research engineers, in collaboration with many universities, file in excess of a hundred patents and 50 inventions with the French National Institute of Industrial Property each year. Their expertise in the fields of metallurgy and the resistance of materials, special coatings and manufacturing processes is engaged so that new and increasingly effective solutions are readily available to customers.

At each step, from design to product delivery, Saint-Gobain PAM's approach is based on responsible and sustainable patterns of consumption and production. The modernity of its technologies and the priority given to R&D make it possible for Saint-Gobain PAM to always offer its customers top quality solutions that are long-lasting, reliable, ergonomic and economical.

Moreover, with 50,000 references in its catalogue, Saint-Gobain PAM offers pipes, fittings, joints and accessories that conform to European and international standards.

Did you know?

Saint-Gobain PAM has developed a software capable of generating drawings representing the pipes and fittings used in construction and water and sewerage systems. PAMCAD allows the generated drawings to be viewed from several angles and allows the engineering department to quickly and easily create precise, detailed drawings of PAM parts.

The customer at the core of our business

Saint-Gobain PAM adds value to its quality product offer by supplementing it with a set of services that includes project development, delivery and maintenance. Thanks to an extensive worldwide network, PAM can offer commercial and technical assistance anywhere in the world. Saint-Gobain PAM prioritises real partnerships with its customers.

Saint-Gobain PAM is ultimately commited to ensuring that you benefit from long-lasting technical solutions, constant innovation and specialist expertise.


Innovation PAM - ductile iron pipelines
Macro view of ductile iron

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