Shaft sealing kit

Shaft sealing kit

SPARE PARTS Butterfly Valves
Main features

The technological evolution in the years of EUROSTOP Butterfly Valve made by Saint-Gobain PAM Product Development has determined the changes on secondary sealing system.

To identify the correct code of the shaft sealing kit is therefore necessary to know the code of the valve and its year of production in order to be able to make a proper supply of spare parts.

Normally the components of shaft sealing kit are: Lubroseal sealing element and/or O-Ring.

Identification spare kit codes

For correct identification and ordering of spare kits it has to be provided the code of the spare kit or the product code of valve and its year of production which can be found on labels and body.

The product code identifies the main characteristics of the valve (DN / PN, actuation type, application type, etc.).

The Order Acknowledgement no. identifies the valve production year.

With the above mentioned information Saint-Gobain PAM Technical Department checks/identifies the correct codes of spare kits.