pipelaying operations, large diamater pipes
Jiangsu Water Company selected Saint-Gobain PAM to provide large ductile iron pipes.
ductile iron pipelines, namibia water supply
Saint-Gobain PAM was selected for the Husab Mine water supply system project in Namibia, including 7,600 metric tons of ductile iron pipes and fittings.

Water cycle

Understanding the water cycle for designing network systems

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Pipes, fittings, joints and accessories for all work site configurations and geographical terrains

Wafer / Lugged Butterfly Valves

A butterfly valve and body made of ductile iron with an epoxy powder coating
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Aggressive or soft waters

Internal coatings for the safe transport of soft water

Aggressive soils

Ductile iron pipes with special coating for withsatanding corrosion

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Internal coatings for the safe transport of soft water
Determining a soil's corrosiveness to find the right protective coating for underground pipes
Pipes and fittings for sewerage systems

Supply, Treatment and Distribution

Ductile iron pipe solutions for the entire water transport cycle


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