TOPAZ pipeline for sewage

For sewage discharge from small diameter pipes

The TOPAZ ductile iron pipeline system is dedicated to sewage discharge for small diameters of DN/OD 75 to 160 mm and is suitable for most soils.

Sewage ductile iron pipes

The range comprises six metre pipes along with many fittings and accessories.


Coating of sewage pipe topaz

  • Protection: resulting from research, BioZinalium ensures the perfect external protection for TOPAZ pipes. Composed of 85-15 zinc-aluminium alloy enriched with copper and covered by a protective layer of Aquacoat. BioZinalium reduces the risk of localised biocorrosion. TOPAZ fittings are protected internally and externally with a red epoxy coating applied by powdering with a minimum thickness of 250 µm.
coating without BPA
zinc aluminium external coating of ductile iron pipe
Composition of the external coating of TOPAZ pipe

BioZinalium® is a material environment-friendly due to the absence of VOCs and BPA.

  • Resistance: DUCTAN, a completely smooth internal lining provides TOPAZ pipes with a strong resistance to the harshest acid and alkaline effluents over a pH range from one to 10. The plasticity of DUCTAN ensures good impact and abrasion resistance.

  • Simple installation and adaptability: designed to be handled and installed by hand, TOPAZ products are easy to fit and can adapt to ground movements.

  • Economic laying: the design of TOPAZ pipes enables eco-laying with the reuse of natural backfill and thus creates considerable cost savings in relation to the purchase and transport of raw materials.


Internal coating, sewage pipe
Longitudinal section of TOPAZ pipe
  • Compliance: TOPAZ high performance elastomer NBR quality joints have been adapted to resist the effluent found in mains drainage, complying with the requirements of standard EN 681-1 type WG. These joints ensure complete watertightness, even in the most demanding cases, and they have been tested in accordance with standard EN 598, under extreme conditions of angular deflection and dimensional tolerance.


Available products

With three models, the joints that fit the TOPAZ system allow multiple connections:

joint for topaz

Single version joint for TOPAZ cast iron pipes and fittings

vi locked joint topaz pipe

Vi locked version joint for TOPAZ cast iron pipes and fittings only

vip locked joint pipes pvc - ductile iron

ViP locked version joint for plastic, PVC-U, PVC-BO and PE tubes connected to TOPAZ cast iron fittings


Installation tools

We propose a range of PAM tools to assist companies during the pipe laying:

  • BluCut: a cutting and chamfering machine that permits clean, fast, secured and autoguided cut and chamfer on TOPAZ pipes
  • BluTrak: a device for the laying of unlocked TOPAZ pipes permitting high installation rates.
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  • sewage small diameter pipe worksite
  • ductile iron pipe, easy laying
  • socket pipe, anchored pipe
  • small diameter ductile iron pipe, DN 75 90 110 125 140 160
  • sewage small diameter pipe worksite
  • ductile iron pipe, easy laying
  • socket pipe, anchored pipe
  • small diameter ductile iron pipe, DN 75 90 110 125 140 160
TOPAZ-New sewage range
BluCut cutting and chamfering machine for ducitle iron pipes TOPAZ
TOPAZ-How to repair sewage pipes TOPAZ ?

Waste and Rainwater

Adaptable sewerage solutions

Saint-Gobain PAM has a complete range of sewerage solutions, which can be adapted to different fluids and distribution networks according to:

  • Waste and rainwater where the tight junctions can prevent parasitic water in the network; or a
  • Separate sewer system, which is under pressure (backflow) or gravity flow.
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