Process networks: water supply, sewerage, and reuse

Comprehensive pipeline solutions for industry

We offer two types of PAM industry solutions equipment for water distribution and sewerage drainage networks.

Prior to processing, the ductile iron pipelines provide the drinking water, raw water, brine, or seawater required for fire protection and various industrial processes.
At the end of processing, the pipelines evacuate wastewater (containing sand, ash or sludge), cooling water, or basic/acidic effluent. Depending on the individual case, these waters are then used as fertilizer or sent on to buffering or treatment plants.

    We offer the type of pipe that is most suitable for the requirement, while taking processing, operating and possible usage restrictions into consideration. We have delivered our PAM solutions for industries in more than 35 countries on all continents


    • Resistance: to high internal pressure and traffic loads, to a wide spectrum of aggressive (basic or acidic) effluents, and to abrasion thanks to specific internal lining.
    • Reliability: of fire protection networks thanks to FM approved ductile iron pipe.
    • Comprehensive systems: bringing together a wide range of pipes, joints, anchoring systems, fittings, valves and gate valves, fire hydrants and municipal castings.


    Tried and tested

    Be it automotive or aeronautics, electronics or electric power plants, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals or pulp/paper, numerous industrial sectors and clients trust PAM ductile iron pipe solutions.
    Dozen of the world's leading brand names have sought out PAM products and systems, among them Elf, Total, Exxon Chemical, Solvay, Renault, Audi, Ford, Hyunday, Michelin, EDF, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Stella Artois, Courchevel, Rhone Poulenc, Avon (Cosmetics), Airbus (Eads Group), NATO airports, Disneyland Paris, Centre Parcs, and Stade de France (see full client list).

    As an industrial concern itself, Saint­-Gobain PAM is the ideal partner for other industries in completing both new projects and renovation work.

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