ZMU by PAM external coating


ZMU by PAM external coating

A reinforced solution for extreme conditions

ZMU by PAM external coating is made up of several layers:
  • A lower layer is a BioZinalium protection in compliance with EN545 applied by spraying on the ductile iron pipe.
  • An adhesion primer between the BioZinalium layer and the cement to ensure cement adhesion until installation.
  • A cement mortar with reinforcing fibers for mechanical strength.

Ductile iron pipes with ZMU by PAM coating are suitable:

  • In rocky soils with a backfill particles size up to 100mm
  • In the mountains for reuse of native rock soils
  • In trenchless technology

Resistance to impact and blunt objects

Impact resistance tests are carried out by dropping a mass on the coating according to EN15542.

More economical installation

The ZMU by PAM coating allows the use of large aggregates. This means that existing soils can be reused without adding quarry backfill and without the associated transfer costs.

More ecological installation

By accepting large grain sizes, ZMU by PAM coating promotes the reuse of existing soil, even for backfilling. This reduces the environmental impact by preserving the existing soil and eliminating quarry material.

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Aggressive soils

Ductile iron pipes and coatings for withstanding corrosion 

Underground pipelines are subject to a variety of stresses, including corrosive soils and backfills. The conventional zinc coating on the basic version of our pipes provides a high level of resistance to corrosion in most standard cases of application.

However, the soil’s corrosiveness must be assessed to determine whether additional active protection, such as a polyethylene sleeve or special coating, is required. This can be done by means of a topographical survey by our expert technical staff, which evaluates the various strata traversed and provides information on the nature of the terrain and its natural corrosiveness.  

Saint-Gobain PAM has developed special coatings made of a zinc-aluminum alloy, BioZinalium, to ensure the longevity of its ductile iron underground pipes.

TT PUX in aggressive soil
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