Ductile iron pipe

Ductile iron pipe

Benefits of ductile iron pipe

Solid under loadsSolid under loads
In underground conditions, the ductile cast iron pipe has a semi-rigid behaviour: it offers an excellent compromise between mechanical stress in the wall (small DN) and ovality (large DN). It can be laid in high and low height of cover, and easily in soil of low rigidity. The ”ground/semi-rigid pipe” system offers optimum mechanical stability over time, without risk of buckling in large DN. 
Pressure resistancePressure resistance
The PAM pipelines are designed to withstand pressures much greater than the values usually encountered on the networks. The wall thickness is calculated with a safety factor of 3 with respect to the maximum operating pressure. This additional safety margin is very useful to the impacts during installation, accidental overpressure and mechanical operating fatigue. 
Intensive to impactInsensitive impacts
The ductile cast iron structure has a high elastic deformability and a high resistance to crack initiation: it results in excellent impact resistance. The cast iron pipes are perfectly suited to transport conditions over long distances (truck, train or ship), handling conditions on sites and to different types of backfilling. The ductile cast iron pipelines may be laid in very difficult areas: rocky mountain slopes for hydroelectric plants, crossings for cantilever bridges, rockfill for submarine outlets. 
Push-in joint systemPush-in joint system
Quick and self-sealing, the watertightness of the STANDARD push-in joint results from radial compression of the sealing ring (1), by simply inserting the spigot ends into the socket. It does not require any tightening of bolts or a welding process.
The STANDARD “push-in” joint is ideally suited for laying in trenches or overhead, irrespective of weather conditions. 
High hydraulic capacityExcellent hydraulicity
The centrifugation process ensures a perfectly smooth and even cement surface. The Colebrook roughness coefficient of an isolated pipe is k = 0.03 mm. PAM recommends the use of an average value of k = 0.1 mm for sizing networks in order to take into account all the different load losses caused by singular points (tee fittings, elbows, valves, etc.)

Ductile iron pipe advantages

All PAM products comply with the current European (EN) and international (ISO) standards.

Through the work of PAM research centre and their knowledge of corrosion phenomena in the soil, the PAM ductile iron pipelines have the latest coating technologies and often exceed the minimum industry standards.

It is also in this centre that the joints are developed and tested in the most extreme conditions. The durability performance of our material, its strength and advanced protection make our ductile iron pipes one of the best choice for your network.


Pipe supplier

Leading producer of ductile iron pipe, Saint-Gobain PAM delivers the most robust and durable pipe. Comprehensive product range dedicated to water under pressure, and other piping uses since 1856, our pipeline solution meet most of customer requirements:

Saint-Gobain PAM is located in over 68 countries on four continents, and thanks to our extensive sales network, we are currently active in more than 140 countries so help is always close at hand. Saint Gobain PAM offers advice and technical assistance to clients until completion of works.

Manufacturing process of ductile iron pipe

The manufacturing process of ductile Saint-Gobain PAM iron pipes and accessories includes 3 main steps:
  • Production an treatment of the molten metal (metallurgy);
  • Casting and heat treatment (foundry);
  • Testing, coating and lining (products finishing).

These three steps are of course closely inter-related, and continuous control and inspection along the full manufacturing cycle ensure optimum and constant quality of the products.

To know more about this manufacturing process of our ductile iron pipe, watch the image below.

Manufacturing process of ductile iron pipe
Manufacturing process of ductile iron pipe

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