BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a new method for managing construction and infrastructure projects based on 3D digital models containing reliable and structured data.
Saint-Gobain PAM Canalisation offers to simplify and optimize the infrastructure design phases by offering its library of BIM objects
This new version offers free digital twins of products marketed by SAINT-GOBAIN PAM CANALISATION.
Compliant with the NF ISO 23387 standard, BIM objects contain all the characteristics specific to the products (length, diameter, type of coating, type of junction, etc.). It is also possible to very easily and quickly integrate these objects into more complex environments (valve chamber, structures) while guaranteeing the conformity of the design phases.
This BIM library is designed to facilitate design processes and improve communication between project managers. The proposed objects are realistic, easy to use, compliant with current standards and highly configurable. They thus meet the requirements and needs of solution designers.
This library accelerates all the design and validation processes, thus contributing to cost reduction.
How it works ?
- Register on the site to access the Library and be informed of updates
- All BIM objects are highly configurable
- It is design support for valve chambers
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BIM by PAM library - Design support for water network | Saint-Gobain PAM Canalisation
BIM by PAM objects - adopted by users | Saint-Gobain PAM Canalisation