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Networks for snowmaking machines

It is imperative that winter sports resorts have snow cover throughout the season. The ALPINAL range of ductile iron pipes offers the ideal solution for snow professionals looking for a robust system that combines durability with excellent resistance to static and dynamic pressure.


  • High performance at high altitudes: designed to withstand high pressures, ALPINAL offers reliability and safety at all times in a hostile environment that includes a severe climate and rocky, steep slopes.
    For decades, these pipes have been put under considerable mechanical strains and continue to function without failure.
  • Corrosion resistance: the exterior of ALPINAL pipes are protected by a zinc coating covered with a layer of synthetic paint.
  • Watertightness: due to the way the pipes and fittings are joined with elastomer (EPDM) joints and UNIVERSAL Ve or UNIVERSAL Vi socketed anchoring systems, which are extremely effective.
Alpinal - Saint-Gobain PAM - snow gun - snow cannons
Snow gun supplied by an ALPINAL network
  • Economical: susbtantial angular deflections make it possible to save money on fittings, use the most direct routes possible, and reduce the use of earthworks and dynamiting. Pipes supplying snow guns are installed on mountain slopes.
Schema : angular deflection


  • Increased pipe laying rates and installation cost savings: with a welding-free, simple and practical assembly system, ALPINAL opens up the most direct channels between the area where water is drawn and the summit. With these generally anchored pipes, concrete stop blocks are no longer required.
  • Economical and ecological pipe laying technique: ECOPOSE, which involves using the native soil as backfill, even in the most hostile environments, reduces the need to add new materials and helps increase the work rate on site.
  • Eco-friendly: with no maintenance installation, ALPINAL respects the fragile eco­-system of plants and animals in mountain areas while also acknowledging the requirements of leisure and sports operators in winter resorts.
    Also, ductile iron is completely recyclable material that has a natural place in the protected moutain environment.
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