Access Covers and Gratings

Municipal castings

Ductile iron road maintenance equipment

As an interface between roadways and networksroad maintenance equipment must meet the many performance and quality criteria demanded by municipal authorities, network managers and local residents.
A combination of  high performance and innovation, the Saint-Gobain PAM ranges of access covers, grating and surface boxes benefit from all the capabilities and quality standards associated with the mechanical properties of ductile iron.
Our full catalogue of municipal casting products meets the needs of all stakeholders in the field of road maintenance and represents a long-lasting investment. For specific local norm requirements, we also offer additional ranges that respect standard BS EN 124.


  • Resistance to traffic constraints: the range of access covers, gully grates and surface boxes guarantees safety, stability and silence throughout installation and operation.
  • Simplicity and reliability of implementation: these ductile iron products can be installed under all work site conditions.
  • Comfortable network operations: these ranges alow simple and ergonomic manoeuvres for inspections, maximum absorption of surface water and filtering of debris
  • Aesthetics: this road equipment offers good integration possibilities into various urban settings.


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