The reference ductile iron pipe for water distribution networks


The reference ductile iron pipe for water distribution networks

Suitable for both the transport and distribution of water in urban, semi-urban and rural areas, the ductile iron pipes and fittings in the NATURAL range are available with diameters between 60 and 2000mm.
Resulting from our ongoing research into zinc-based coatings to improve the protection of buried networks of iron pipes, this PAM range has become embedded all over Europe and is at the heart of the hydraulic networks heritage.
Composed of pipes with standard joints, associated with EXPRESS or STANDARD joint fittings, the NATURAL range comes highly recommended by pipe-laying contractors as it makes installation extremely easy.
NATURAL pipes - Saint-Gobain PAM

Innovation: the NATURAL range combines past experience with advanced technologies to ensure the robustness of ductile iron pipes, their ease of laying and speed of installation, reliable operation and long-term durability.

External protection: identifiable by its blue colour, the NATURAL pipe benefits from BioZinalium external protection technology to ensure extreme durability in underground conditions. BioZinalium is composed of two layers: a layer of zinc-aluminium 85/15 alloy, enriched with copper, with a minimum surface density of 400g/m², applied by spraying molten metal onto the surface of the iron, using an electric arc spray gun, from ZnAl (Cu) alloy wire, and a protective layer of Aquacoat (semi-permeable), a water-based blue acrylic of average thickness 80 microns applied using a spray gun.

Extra protection: while protecting against localised bio-corrosion, for extreme conditions, the NATURAL range comes equipped with special coatings for additional corrosion protection:

NATURAL PUR internal protection for the transport of aggressive waters (hardness <5°F); and
NATURAL TT-PE external protection for pipe laying in aggressive terrains.

Internal performance: the internal lining of the NATURAL range is composed of centrifuged cement mortar, which offers excellent hydraulic performance as well as effective protection against the aggressiveness of water due to the smooth internal surface improving the water flow and reducing head losses.

Flexibility: the STANDARD automatic joint and EXPRESS mechanical joints guarantee watertightness and can tolerate a high degree of angular deflection to negotiate large radius curves without the need for fittings and adapt to layout changes. They can also absorb ground movement or expansions of small amplitude. Self-anchored pipe and fitting joints (STANDARD Vi and EXPRESS Vi) can be used to produce self-retrained ductile iron pipelines while the UNIVERSAL range is available for extreme network operating pressures.

Safety: with a safety coefficient greater than three and PFA values always exceeding 40 bar in sizes DN 60 to 300, more than 30 bar in sizes DN 350 to 600, and more than 25 bar in sizes DN 700 to 2000, the pipes and fittings are highly resistant to internal pressure. The mechanical strength of the ductile iron pipes also minimizes the trench bottom, backfill and surrounding work so that pipe laying operations are ultimately safe and economical.   

Eco-friendliness: in line with our commitment to sustainable development and in compliance with European and international standards, the BioZinalium finishing coat is produced using an emulsion of water-based acrylic PVDC resin that does not contain organic solvents or Bisphenol A (BPA). In fact, it contributes to reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.

NATURAL pipe - Saint-Gobain PAM
NATURAL pipe slot
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Supply, Treatment and Distribution

Ductile iron pipe solutions for the complete water cycle  

We supply our PAM ductile iron pipelines throughout the world, allowing water to be transported from its source to treatment plants and places of consumption. Our solutions address water whether it is potable, raw, waste or recycled, and cover the entire water transport cycle, from its gravity supply, surface and ground water filtration and seawater desalination, treatment and storage, and distribution to consumers and industry.

As investment in renewing water supply infrastructure is declining in relative terms, there is increasing demand on pipeline service longevity. Our ductile iron pipes, fittings, valves and accessories are anti-ageing and have earned a first-class reputation for both leak tightness and pressure resistance.  

We are involved in both the preservation of the quality and quantity of water as a resource and its distribution in all situations, where there may be  mechanical stresses, pressure surges, or environmental constraints among other challenges.

For the supply of water alone, we have 10,000 items of pipes, fittings and joint compounds to cope with every possible situation and to withstand all hazards associated with their transport, handling, installation and operation.

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Ductile iron pipe solutions for the entire water transport cycle